18th October 2017 – Run 1865 – Behind the Al Ain Way

Date:  Wednesday 18th October 2017

Time:  18:30

Run No:  1865

Location:  Behind the Al Ain Way curry house.

Hares:  Brownieboxxx and Shiteloaf

Contact if lost:  Vomit: +971 555011504

Directions:   Follow Al Khail Road (watch traffic which is heavy at 17:30) to Al Ain Road E66 then just after petrol station there is a tarmac slip road off to right, take this then turn immediately right onto dirt road and follow for about 1 Km. There is a mosque on other side just after turnoff.

Alternatively come from Nab Al Sheba / Meydan on the D69 and then take the exit onto the E66.  This route avoids all the traffic on Al Khail Road!!!!!!
Alternatively come from E311 down E66
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