29th April 2020 – Run 6 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

ONON B*stards!

Hare: Ahpisto

Date: 29th April, 2020

Time and Location: To suit each Harrier

Follow the directions below to run or walk your own short track. If possible map the run and share the result at the Zoom circle on Wednesday evening.

Directions (distances are approximate and can be changed a little to suit)

Run or walk 100m

Turn Right and go a further 400m to CP1

Turn Right and go 150m – False trail

Check back 50m then turn left

Go 200m to CP2

Continue straight ahead for a further 150m – False Trail

Back to the Check

Turn right and go 50m then turn right again for 150m – False Trail

Do a U Turn  and go back along the false trail for a total of 350m to CP3

From CP3 turn right and go 100m before turning right

Continue for a further 200m to CP4

At CP4 turn right and go 50m – False Trail

Back To the Check. Turn right and continue for 200m

Turn right and On In for 250m


The Zoom circle will start promptly at 7pm, hosted by our magnificent GM, Ladyboy.


The link will be the same one every week, so please save it.

If you’ve not used the Zoom app before, follow one of the walkthroughs below to get started

Android Walkthrough

iPhone Walkthrough

Mac Walkthrough

PC Walkthrough

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