13th May 2020 – Run 8 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

Hare: Kate

Start point, ON left for 200m, CP1, ‘ONON’ called turn left, carry on for 200m, false trail…back to CP1.
Carry on for 50m at the T junction turn right and continue along the road for 250m.
Turn left, run/walk for 100m, passing the closed school. At the round-about take the 3 O’clock junction, for 200m, passing the petrol station (note: Burger King is open).
Turn right and at the next junction turn you notice CP2. ‘ONON’ called right, in 50m take a left, follow the road straight across the next junction, carry on for a further 50m and then take the right, past the mini-mart shop (covid hours 7am-10pm).
At the next junction you come to, turn left, at the boat there’s a virtual beer stop. On we plod and take the next left. In 100m follow the road to the right, in 400m go left, through the ally, at the road take the right, at the traffic lights keep right.
At the next junction turn right at the sports rehabilitation centre (hopefully you don’t need to use this facility)!
In 50m cut through the sandy alleyway and once back on the road take a right for 50m (CP3). Carry on in the direction you was travelling for 50m, ‘False trail’, back to CP3.
Take the only other route available and either run or walk for 200m, turn right at the ally back onto a main road (this extra bit avoided the mosque).
Turn left, carry on for 50m and you will be at a CP4. As you are in the lead run for 100m, then shout ‘False Trail’.
Back to CP4, take the only road available, in 50m metres you come across the “ONIN” in a further 50m you are back where you started, hopefully!

Total Distance: 4.25Km


The Zoom circle will start promptly at 7pm, hosted by our magnificent GM, Ladyboy.


The link will be the same one every week, so please save it.

If you’ve not used the Zoom app before, follow one of the walkthroughs below to get started

Android Walkthrough

iPhone Walkthrough

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PC Walkthrough

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