17th June 2020 – Run 13 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

The AAA Run – Alcoholics Anonymous Association or An Alley Amble

Hare: Ahpisto
Date: 17/06/2020

OnOn for 200m then left into the first short alley. Cross the road veering slightly road turning left at the intersection to CP1 near the corner by the abandoned 6 series BMW.
Continue straight for 200m. False trail. Back to the check then left. Go past the hobby farm and at the first alley turn left. Go right into the next alley and right after about 50m into another. At the end of this one go left for a short distance, entering Pedo’s Playground and passing a nursery before turning right past a kids school. Continue to CP2 at the end of the street.
Continue straight through the alley, turning right at the main road. Continue for 100m and the false trail. Go back for 100m then continue straight along the main road. Find an alley between the villas and turn left. At the end go right. Take the next alley, right, back to the main road and turn left. Continue along the main road for 200m before finding yet another short alley on the left. Through this onto the small road going right and left before reaching CP3 on a DEWA electrical box. At this point you should have done approximately 2.6km.
From CP3 continue straight for 200m to the false trail. Return to the check turning right down the side street. Keep going until the next street on the right. Follow this short link turning right at the T intersection. Look for a narrow alley on the left passing through this and emerging into a large area of park and carparks. Veer left crossing the main road and continuing along the opposite side street until the first street on the left. Follow this to the drink stop at CP4 at the next corner.
Turn right and follow this road for about 300m. You might be lucky and pass a boat in an alley and see the Metro in the distance. False trail. Return towards the check, however turn right into an alley before getting all the way back. Continue along this alley for roughly 200m turning right into a street. Go about 100m and turn left into another alley. At the end of this one CP5 is on the metal enclosure.
Turn left for 100m stopping at the alternative drink stop. False trail. Back to the check and continue straight. At the hospital where the kids from Pedo’s Playground end up turn left into the path beside the hospital. At the street go left then immediately right. After 200m there may be a playground and an alley between this and a mosque. Turn left into this and CP6 is on the substation.
Go left along the street until the alley on the right. Continue to the end of this. Back to the check. Continue down the road past the check turning left into yet another alley. At the end of this short alley veer left across the road turning right at the T intersection. Continue along this road for about 300m before coming to a small mosque, grocery shop and garden shop. Turn left past the potted trees and into the alley between the villas. At the end of this look for the On In on the curb turning left and home.
Total distance about 6.4km. How many alleys did you go through? My answer on Wednesday



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