15th July 2020 – Run 17 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

Hare: Ahpisto
Date: 15/07/2020

OnOn in whatever direction you desire for 200m then left into the first short alley. At the road turn left and run a further 300m to CP1.
Right for 100m passing the important building. False trail. Back to the check continuing in the direction you just came from. Find an Alley after about 150m and turn left. Go through the short alley, cross a road and continue along a side road for a further 300m to CP2.
Turn right as soon as possible and then right again after a short distance for a further 50m. False trail. Back to the check. Continue straight ahead across a wasteland for 75m. Turn right along the next road. After 100m Check Back to where you turned. Look for the next turning right. After a short distance turn left. Continue straight for 400m before turning left and then right after 50m. Continue for about 200m to CP3.
Turn left and go 100m. At the water machine False trail. Back to the check. Turn Left. Continue straight for 100m then go through an alley that has been turned into somebody’s private car park. At the end and another water machine check back. Where you entered the private car park turn right. Continue to the end of the street (about 300m) before veering right and left passing in front of Dubai’s more finer establishments. At this point stock up on essential supplies if you can find your tipple. Continue straight to the opposite end where you will find another of Dubai’s fine establishments. You may wish to call in here if your previous visit failed to produce the wanted brand. After this turn left and continue beside a main road for about 400m before reaching CP4.
Turn left into an alley or side road for 100m. Back to the check. Turn left and continue along beside the main road for a further 500m. Turn left for 100m. You have reached CP5. Turn left. After 100m yet another false trail. Back to the check then left for 200m. Cross an internal busy road veering left. Look for the first turning right. It could be an alleyway. Go through this and continue along the road until you find a small shop. Turn left here. The trail continues through some linked alleyways crossing a few minor roads. You have reached CP6. Turn left and then immediately right. Continue straight until reaching the On In which points you left past the same important building you saw on the false trail from CP1. Continue home.

Total distance about 6.4km. What was the rough shape of the run? My answer on Wednesday


The Zoom circle will start promptly at 7pm, hosted by our magnificent GM, Ladyboy.


The link will be the same one every week, so please save it.

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