8th July 2020 – Run 16 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

Virtual Run/Walk. Hare – Kate

OnOn Left, in 50m turn left then take the first alleyway right. That racing snake TOGA calls CP1 where the sandy alleyway meets the road.
He takes the group right for 150m, False Trail. Back to CP1. Follow the road for 50m and then take junction right, in 100m take a left following the road to the next junction. Take a right and follow the road around the corner. 50m from the corner is CP2. Breaking-wind takes the path left along the school wall for 200m. False Trail.
Back at CP2, follow the road to the next corner and take a left at the alleyway. In 150m, refill your water bottle at the water station. Go straight across the main road and in 50m turn left. Take the next right. Carry on straight for 200m, Vomit calls ‘On Left’, take the next right run or walk a further 300m and you come across CP3. Go right to the end of the road, False Trail!
Cut through the sandy alleyway and at the road turn left, at the car park, take a short-cut left in 50m turn right and meet OldShag in his car (mobile beer stop). In 200m take the alleyway at the main road turn left. In 400m cross at the traffic lights and keep straight. Once you reach the mosque, take the path left at the end of this path is CP4. CF was walking and the front-runners have caught up.
He takes the road right, those who run past him, in 150m shout ‘False Trail’. Meanwhile Ladyboy went left and in 100m shouts ‘OnIn’! See you all back at Kate’s Castle!
How far did you go?


The Zoom circle will start promptly at 7pm, hosted by our magnificent GM, Ladyboy.


The link will be the same one every week, so please save it.

If you’ve not used the Zoom app before, follow one of the walkthroughs below to get started

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