5th August 2020 – Run 20 – Virtual Creek Hash House Harriers

Location:  https://goo.gl/maps/tr9b7KJ52CLfDescA

Hare: Kate

Date: 5 August 2020

The hash is marked with BLUE chalk. Start at the 3 arrows.
Follow the car park arrows and at the 2nd exit, take the crossing (Al Thanya St).
Take the alley in front of you, at the road junction is CP1.
CP1 – If you go right in 50m False Trail sign.
CP1 – If you go left, take the first right, at the T junction turn right, follow the road to the end. At the T junction is CP2.
CP2 – If you go right, at the Sub-station is a False Trail sign.
CP2 – If you go left, follow the road left. At the speed ramp, on the right is a sandy square plot of land, cross it. When you meet the road stay left. After the villa with an eagle on the roof, take a left across the sand and at the road turn left. Take the 1st right (12d Street). At the T junction turn right, in 50m go left at the sand track. When you meet the road turn right, follow it to the bend and take the brick alleyway. You are now back on ‘Al Thanya Street’. Cross at the crossing. At the running surface go anticlockwise, in 700m exit the running surface. Turn right, locate street lamp 253 (8a Street). At the junction in 100m is CP3.
CP3 – If you turn right, (1a Street) at the speed ramp is a False Trail Sign.
CP3 – If you go straight on (8a Street) at the end of the road turn left at the T junction turn right onto (10a Street). In 100m turn left and take the sandy alleyway (opposite 9a Street). At the road turn right. At the next junction (11b Street) is CP4.
CP4 – If you go straight on, at the next junction is a False Trail Sign.
CP4 – If you go left onto (11b Street), on the left after ‘Um Al Sheif’ park, there is a brick pathway, take it. At the road turn left, cross the road and take the alleyway. At the next road, cross it and take the alleyway. At the next road turn right. At the end of the road in 200m follow the ‘Main Entrance ‘sign, through the alleyway and at the main road turn left. Go past ‘The Red Lion Pub’ heading towards the roundabout. At the signpost near the roundabout is the ‘ONIN’ sign. Total distance 5.5Km.


The Zoom circle will start promptly at 7pm, hosted by our magnificent GM, Ladyboy.


The link will be the same one every week, so please save it.

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