Creek Hash UK 2019 – Sheffield

Updated:  22/08/2019 – This page has closed and will now be archived under “Events -> Creek UK Hash” in the next couple of days

I have consolidated all of the photos that I have received from a few hashers onto this website here:

If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them to me, or send me links to your Dropbox/OneDrive etc. location where you’ve placed them.  I will then add all of them into the same place above so they’re all in one place.

Event Timetable
Friday Afternoon:  Moonshine run from the hotel, 3:30pm.
Friday Night:  Stag’s Head Pub, 18.30 until falling over.
Saturday Morning:  09.30 bus pick up at the hotel. 14.30 bus back to the hotel
Saturday Evening:  18.30 bus pick up (perhaps modified a bit) at the hotel to dinner. Dress Smart Casual. Midnight back to the hotel.
Sunday Morning:   11.00 bus pick up at the hotel.
Sunday Evening: Taxi back to hotel when you wish.

13/08/2019 – Note:  For those not attending the Moonshine run at 3:30pm on Friday the 16th, the evening will start following on from the Moonshine at 6:30pm in the Stag’s Head pub, not far from the hotel.  Bring money for food and booze.  Google maps link.