The Creek is led by a bunch of idiots known as the Mismanagement.  They’re completely useless but somehow manage to keep the hash going.  If you would like to give any of them grief for any reason whatsoever, please use the Contact Us page.

Creek Hash Committee 2016

Grand MasterVomit
David Bell
Vice Grand Master BowelTrowel
Richard Holmes
Hash CashAh Pisto
Ian Browning
RA RaiserShagemall
Phil Naylor
Hash BeersVomit
David Bell
Hash IceCompressedFart
John Pye
Hash SoftiesShagemall
Phil Naylor
Martin Allin
Hare RaiserLadyboy
John Green
On SecBowelTrowel
Richard Holmes
Hash FlashAhpisto/Pedopan
Ian Browning / Martin Allin
Hash WebshiteAhpisto/Vomit
Ian Browning / David Bell
Hash HornVacant
Hash BBQVacant
Hash ScribeVacant