Creek Hash UK 2024 – Tyne & Wear

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On On…. from the hosts, JetSlag, TOGA and Tugger:

…we have finalised dates for the CH3 Summer Bash 2024 reunion in Whitley Bay. It’s 16th – 18th August 2024. And for you jokers Whitley Bay IS NOT bloody ‘Whitby, in Yorkshire’, it’s in Tyne & Wear! You retards know who you are!

The venue for the Saturday night has been reserved. It’s the Grand Hotel Tynemouth, with great views along The Tynemouth Longsands. As always, the rest of the itinerary will follow, as and when possible.

Hotel wise, attendees are probably looking at Premier Inn Whitley Bay & Grand Hotel Tynemouth for starters. Jetslag and I will provide a more comprehensive list asap.